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  • 1. E-Mail Marketing Send an e-mail broadcast to more than 55,000 qualified promotional industry distributors.
  • 2. Web Design Create an online presence that sells for you and keeps your customers coming back.
  • 3. Artwork Services Let us be your in-house design team. Our art department produces modern & appealing designs.
  • 4. Digital Catalogs With our custom digital catalogs, your products can be seen by an unlimited number of potential clients.


Welcome to Promo-Cast

Being a distributor can be tough work. Not only do you need to find the perfect product; one that is well made, unique and interesting. You need to market and brand your company to find the customers that require such a service. Well, look no further than Promo-Cast. We solve BOTH these problems in an affordable and effective way.

Finding a perfect product and/or supplier has never been easier. We will send you details on thousands of creative houses and allow you to pick and choose the ones that suit your needs. Cut down on immeasurable works of scouting out for the latest product or the newest supplier. Promo-Cast does the work for you!

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