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Promo-Cast is simple to use, easy to learn, extremely cost-effective and gets you noticed by the kinds of companies that are looking for your ideas!

Email Advertising
Without question, email marketing has become the most often used method of advertising today. It is the most effective and profitable form of marketing. With a fraction of the cost of sending direct mail, more companies use email advertising as their primary source of lead generation. So naturally, what better way to stay in touch than an email campaign? It's quick, efficient, and affordable. You can send advertisements to thousands of your customers in just minutes!

But what if you do not have a list of distributors to reach out to? Not a problem. Over the last several years, Promo-Cast has built an "opt-in" email list specifically for you of over 50,000 distributors.

And now for you, we have created a system that allows you to have full control over your advertising budget - Promo-Cast 2.0

What is Promo-Cast 2.0?
Promo-Cast 2.0 - an effective web-based email marketing tool created and designed solely for the promotional product industry. It maximizes user control, with industry specific features that will help any supplier grow their business to a new level.

All you need to do is create & send to get Results! Our intuitive and easy-to-use system allows busy suppliers, like you, to build and grow your email lists. You can also create, send, and track your personalized message to your customers.

Our service:
Requires no technical skills
Access your web-based account from anywhere in the world - 24/7!
Ability to quickly and effectively create, schedule, and send your message.
Ability to Forward to your client (End-user Version)
Our templates and your messages are 100% CAN-SPAM Compliance
Real-time Open and Click through Tracking.
Manage your own list
Handle Bounce-back
And more... Read Below

All this is Email Broadcast Scheduling and Delivery by simply logging into your own FREE personal account.

Below is a small list of what Promo-Cast 2.0 can do for you today

Some of our features include:

Create, manage, and build your lists
Ability to access your account through any internet connection computer in the world!
Select from our sample HTML templates or use your own
5MB of image hosting included for storing of commonly used images
Easily upload your own artwork or HTML files to your artwork library

Schedule and Send
Easy Do-it-yourself system allows you to schedule your broadcasts
Resend archive/draft messages without retyping
Preview message before sending (Send out professional, typo-free messages)
Access your account by internet anytime, anywhere to schedule and manage your broadcasts

Tracking Broadcasts
All broadcasts are tracked and provided for you in real-time
View deliveries, successes, failures, deferrals, bounces, and unsubscribes for each message

Interested? Let's get started!

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